Wiseman Studio Newsletter, July 2022

This past winter and spring have been especially busy and exciting at the studio. We're delighted to share a number of particularly new commissions that have pushed our creative and technical boundaries: from sculpted bronze snakes that traverse through a floor to ceiling screen and mirror, to delicate floral forms and glazes, as well as newly created patterns for bronze and plasterwork, brand new critters, and fungi and lichen of all shapes and sizes. All these elements have found their way into editioned works, chandeliers, mirrors, screens and entire rooms. A recently completed suite of furnishings and objects for a special powder room was featured in The World of Interiors, and numerous other projects recently have been featured in other publications as well. We're happy to share some newly completed projects and works below.

We’ve also continued to settle into the Frogtown studio, watching the garden grow, and welcoming small groups and friends, including a recent visit from RISD alumni. This winter and spring we partnered with New Village Girls Academy, a local charter school for girls, and welcomed an intern to learn about studio practices. Finally, in time for summer, we’ve installed a massive grid of solar panels to use natural energy to power the tools and operations of the studio, increasing our energy efficiency.

During the summer months we’ll continue work on some significant commissioned projects and craft editioned works. With Covid-19 related precautions waning, we look forward to welcoming more friends to the studio over these coming months.

All our best, Ari and David