Wiseman Studio Newsletter, April 2023

The torrential downpours that hit Los Angeles this winter have yielded a super bloom at studio, in the forms of budding porcelain soulangeana magnolias, unfurling bronze fiddlehead ferns, technicolor enamel fungi, and a lush wallpaper with countless flowers and animals. We are happy to share a number of new works that resulted from this winter's intense and gratifying work for the studio.

The studio continues to be propelled by ambitious commissions, which allow David to push himself and the work forward, in dialogue with brave and supportive collectors. The team at the studio has been working tirelessly to help sculpt, cast, weld, polish, glaze, fire, and build pieces, including a complete room environment and a large-scale ceiling project, which we look forward to completing and showing in the coming months.

Wishing you a happy spring!

Best, Ari and David