We are very happy to be back in touch. Fortunately, activity at the Studio has not diminished over the past year. Our long anticipated monograph on David’s work, published by Rizzoli, was released last April. This magnificent book presents 15 years of David’s work and is the culmination of numerous years of development. While we weren’t able to celebrate with book parties and events, we are pleased that the book has been released and look forward to coming together to honor this publication.

In studio, David has continued to develop new works and create significant custom commissions, including a large ceiling project, chandeliers, mirrors, tabletop objects, and other works. He has recently completed a new edition of the much beloved owl—La Lechusa, which will be available in June.

There have been some articles featuring David’s work over the past months, in particular a story on his home in Departures, which highlights how he lives with many of his own works.

Finally, in the past few months, we have moved into our new studio. After three years of development, it’s a dream to start making this new site our home. With over ten times the space of the former studio and purpose built spaces to facilitate bronze, porcelain and other material production, the new studio provides the ideal environment for David to make and share work with friends, collectors, students and the community. We look forward to settling in and welcoming you to our new studio before too long.

Wishing you health and happiness,

Ari and David